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Why you and your housemates need to do the Sydney Skinny

It’s been a tradition in our share house since 2014.

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Win a private hot-tub with your housemates

We have 5 x Hot Tub Cinema Club tickets to give away for this Sunday 22nd October.

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Would you share a hot tub with your housemates?

Rub-a-dub-dub, all your housemates in a hot tub cinema club…

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Five sharehouse facts about the Playboy Mansion

The Playboy Mansion regularly hosts housemate movie nights

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Free Newtowner slabs for share houses

Do you live in Sydney’s Inner-West? Share a case of home delivered Newtowners this Saturday with your housemates.

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Sam, let us top off your weekend with $100 in rent 🏠🍻

There’s never been a better week (or weekend) to be named Sam.

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It’s not just free Uber rides for Sam this week 🏠💰

As well as free Uber rides, Sam gets $100 towards rent with easyshare.

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7 things only people living in a share house would relate to

When a bill is due and you wish you paid more attention in high-school maths.

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Comparing fees for paying your rent by credit card

Whether it’s to maximise your opportunity to earn reward points or you’re looking for better control when managing your cash flow, the option of paying rent by credit card is becoming increasingly popular. There are a few services available online that offer this feature, with variance in fees and accessibility. Below is a table of […]

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