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Sam, we’ll help pay your rent 🏠💰

Sam can get free Uber rides, and rent with easyshare!

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7 things only people living in a share house would relate to

When a bill is due and you wish you paid more attention in high-school maths.

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Comparing fees for paying your rent by credit card

Whether it’s to maximise your opportunity to earn reward points or you’re looking for better control when managing your cash flow, the option of paying rent by credit card is becoming increasingly popular. There are a few services available online that offer this feature, with variance in fees and accessibility. Below is a table of […]

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The risks of sharing a bank account with housemates

The risks might outweigh the advantages and convenience.

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5 tips to avoid awkward sharehouse conversations

Never worry about the cleaning, toilet paper or late rent again.

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How often can my rent be increased?

Understand your tenant rights with rental increases.

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The easiest veggies to grow from scraps

Reduce your food waste and your shopping bill!

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Top 10 Pallett Upcycles

From the ridiculously simple to the most clever craftsmanship.

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