Comparing fees for paying your rent by credit card

15 . 08 . 17

Whether it’s to maximise your opportunity to earn reward points or you’re looking for better control when managing your cash flow, the option of paying rent by credit card is becoming increasingly popular. There are a few services available online that offer this feature, with variance in fees and accessibility.

Below is a table of the services available in Australia and their comparative fee structures.

Company Payment methodsFees and charges
Rental Rewards
Credit cardMonthly fee - $5 +
Transaction fee - $2
Only tenants with a registered RentPay agent can use this.
Bank transfer
Credit card
Monthly fee +
Surcharge - 0.79% to 2.5%
Only available with a registered DEFT reference number.
Bank transfer
Credit card
Monthly fee +
Surcharge - 1.5% to 3.77%
easyshareBank transfer
Credit card
No monthly fees
Service fee of 1.5% to 2.5%