10 easy winter warming recipes for housemates

Olivia Bailey
18 . 06 . 18

Winter is making its presence known with a vengeance here in Australia, and man can we all feel it!

Here are some recipes guaranteed to keep you and your housemates warm this winter.


1 . Mac and Cheese Lasagne

Definitely not one of the heathiest choices; but hey, your diet starts tomorrow, right?

This blend of mac and cheese and meaty lasagne is guaranteed to keep you toasty and will be a share house favourite.Mac and cheese lasagne

Get the recipe here.


2. Simple Chicken Curry

This curry is so simple, even your most cooking-impaired housemate can make it! Comfort chicken curry

Get the recipe here.


3. Baked apple & toffee crumble

This comforting bake has it all- circles of apple, buttery brown sugar, plump fruit and spice, all baked under a nutty oat topping. Delicious and super easy to make!Image result for based apple and toffee crumble

Get the recipe here. 


4. Easy Shepherd’s Pie

The ultimate sharehouse winter warmer. Easy shepherd's pie

Get the recipe here.


5. Gooey mocha mug cakes

This easy 10 minute dessert will satisfy your sweet and coffee craving instantly! 

Check it out here. 


6. Blueberry and custard pancakes with caramel sauce

Seriously… this will level up your Sunday sharehouse brunch game.Blueberry and custard pancakes with caramel sauce

Get the recipe here.


7. All-in vegetarian chilli

Clear out the fridge and pantry and get rid of those uneaten veggies with this fun Mexican dinner idea.

All-in vegetarian chilli

Check it out here.


8. Chicken noodle soup

Cold or flu that just won’t quit? Chicken soup is always the answer.

Image result for bbc good food chicken noodle soup[

See the recipe here.


9. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Yes you heard that right… it’s literally magic in a cup. This booze-infused treat will get you and your housemates excited for those cosy winter nights.

Red-Wine Hot Chocolate

Get the recipe here.


10. Julie Goodwin’s Beef Nachos

Let the queen of Masterchef take your nachos to a whole new level for the ultimate dinner, lunch or midnight snack.

Beef Nachos - a Julie Goodwin recipe

Check it out here.


Got a recipe you want to share with us? Tell us in the comments below!