10 roommate horror stories that will make you cringe

08 . 05 . 18

You won’t always be best friends with your roommates. But some people are just plain weird, mean, and gross. These internet users shared their roommate horror stories that will make you want to live with your parents until you die.



“My roommate once told me “You know, most people wake up if they feel someone watching them sleep. But you don’t”.


“I noticed that our drinking glasses would go missing from time to time. Cleaning up the house one day I found one of the glasses under my roommate’s bed, full to the brim with urine. He was too lazy to get out of bed at night to use the bathroom, so would periodically use the communal drinking glasses. We lived together for three years before I figured that out.”


“One time my roommate lost our couch. Specifically, 2/3 of our sectional. It’s okay, really, because couches are so easy to misplace.”


“I found a bag of cheesy cubes in the shower. When I asked my roommate about it, he said “oh, that’s just my shower cheese”.



“One time my roommate got drunk and filled our bathtub with jello. She said she wanted to feel like she was “back in the womb.”



“I had a roommate who would stress eat watermelon, then get drunk, then decide that her “food baby” was an actual baby, buy it baby clothes online, and then fall asleep and wake up the next day and do it all again. We had so many baby clothes.”



“My roommate left me this note; ‘Hi! If you happen to see something strange in the apartment, don’t kill it.”


“After a fight, my roommate replaced every “the” in my term paper with “b*tch t*ts”. I handed it in.”


“My roommate saw a duck getting attacked by other ducks and brought it to our dorm to live in our bathtub.”


Came home one Saturday and had an eviction notice on the door. Turns out my roommate had been taking my rent money (at that point, $5K) to pay for his dues to his Scientology cult group.


That last one haunts us… don’t make the same mistake! Let us handle rent and bills for you!

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