How often can my rent be increased?

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Your rent can’t be increased during your fixed-term lease agreement (unless stated otherwise in your contract).

However once your contract is up, you’ll move onto a periodic or rolling lease which does allow your rent to be increased depending on your state or territory laws.

State/Territory How often can rent be inceased? Notice period to tenant
NSW No limit 60 days
Qld, Vic, WA and NT Once every 6 months 60 days
30 days (NT)
ACT, Tas and SA Once every 12 months 60 days

A landlord cannot increase the rent excessively.

ACT legislation specifies that a rent increase of more than 20% is deemed excessive. Other Australian states don’t have a defined percentage increase that would be deemed excessive. Tenants are still protected however that if you believe your increase is excessive, you can dispute this through your state’s civil and administrative service. There are a few considerations that can guide¬†whether a rent increase is excessive or not

  • Property condition and¬†repairs (including landlord spend on R&M)
  • Tenant contributions to upkeeping the property and financial investment
  • How long it has been since the last increase
  • Market rates for similar properties in your area
  • Percentage increase proposed