Which are the best apps to help you manage money in your share house?

Erika Stupek
08 . 08 . 18

Whether you and your housemates are trying to split a payment for pizza or collect money for all those dreaded bills at the end of the month, deciding how to go about it can be tough.

That’s why we’ve done the research for you and looked into the best money managing apps on the market in Australia and in the United States. 

1. easyshare

Ok, we might be a bit bias, however easyshare is the only app that manages the collection, AND payment of everyone’s rent, bills, and shared expenses.  Available in Australia, easyshare allows you create your own household(s), and then collects everyone’s share and pays the total for you.  If you don’t want to collect your housemates’ money for rent and bills each week, or be chasing your housemates to cough up or pay you back, then easyshare is the right app for you.

Cost: 1.5% service fee for all payments. 2.5% for AMEX.


  • Collect everyone’e share and pay to any third part (BSB account number or BPay)
  • Accepts credit card payments
  • Zero cash advance fees on credit card
  • Get paid back for shared expenses by split and paying IOUs


2. Beem It

Beem It allows users to pay, be paid, or split the bill with any Australian mate- no matter who they bank with in Australia. With Beem It all you need are two things: your Australian Mastercard or Visa debit card and your mates username or mobile phone number.  (i.e. “Pay $13.10 to @Morty98 for nuggets”).  It’s that easy to request and pay.

Cost: Free


  • Accepts any Australian Mastercard or Visa
  • Instant payment
  • Bank-grade security

  3. Splitwise

Splitwise is an expense sharing app, which allows users to keep track of bills and other shared group expenses.   Create groups with friends, housemates, or travel buddies and add or split expenses as you go. Each group member will be able to see their total balance of who owes what to square up.  By keeping a running total over time, users can pay mark that they’ve settled up one big payment at the end of your tracking, instead of paying back a bunch of small ones. Note: Payments are only available in the US and not in Australia. In Australia you can only mark that you’ve paid your mate back.

Cost: Free / In-app purchase options for “Splitwise Pro”


  • Partnered with Paypal and Venmo
  • Push notifications with updates or when important bills are due

4. Zently

Through Zently users can pay rent directly to their landlord as well as track split bills and expenses between housemates.  Zently works as a third-party between renters and landlords.  Renters can choose to pay their landlord via Zently by mailed check or directly by e-payment. Housemates can split expenses with each other by simply connecting their bank account to the app.  Whether you’re a landlord, renter, or housemate this app could work for you. Note:you cannot sign up for a Zently account outside of the United States. 

Cost: Free for renters /offer paid products for landlords


  • Autoplay rent with guarantee
  • Landlords concierge service for repairs
  • Rent guaranteed on-time; will cover any late fees or penalties

5. Venmo

Last but certainly not least, Venmo allows users to make and share payments with friends and family.  You can instantly pay any Venmo user via money you have stored in your Venmo account or with your linked debit card.  For every payment you make to someone, you can attach a personal note (i.e. “thanks for the pizza!”).    You can even view your friends payment interactions on your feed.  Venmo puts the fun back in paying your friends back.  Note: you cannot sign up for a Venmo account outside of the United States. 

Cost: Free / 0.25 charge for instant bank transfer


  • Accounts insured up to $250,000
  • Pay anyone instantly

Which app would you and your housemates choose?