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I’m John, the founder of easyshare. Whilst living in a share house is good fun, we take handling other peoples’ money seriously. Here are the key things you should know when using easyshare,

  • easyshare’s payment platform is a fully owned IP that has been security tested and verified.
  • All of your personal information and sensitive data is not identifiable or stored in our system and is fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.
  • All transactions processed by easyshare are via the NAB VeriSign Trusted Payment Gateway.
  • We have no fixed contracts with our easyshare users and all payments are processed as set-up and requested by you.
  • Funds will only ever be direct debited from your nominated payment method/account, on the agreed payment date and to third parties as authorised by you.
  • easyshare does not charge fees for bounced payments, however we are not liable for any fees that your bank may charge directly to you for overdrafts. If easyshare does receive a charge back fee for your payment, you will be notified and this will be passed on to your account.
  • In the case that a transaction is unable to be processed due to insufficient funds or incorrect payment details, the liability of fulfilling that payment is with the user and third party only.

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John –  The Original Spreadsheet Guy (Founder)

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